Yash Joshi – Founder of Fark Professional Interview

TheCconnects: Can you tell our readers a little about your professional journey & how did you come to your current role/position?

Yash Joshi: It all started with aiming to get full marks in an advertising exam where I had to write a cool tagline. The chills which I got as I wrote it was something I really wanted. Further, I pursued a post-graduation in advertising at Harkisan Mehta Institute (HMMRA) and planned to start my own agency. Before that, I worked at an agency where I understood the process of work and interacted with department heads to know the intricacies. As I learnt things gradually Fark came into existence.

TheCconnects: Who has influenced you the most in life and why?

Yash Joshi: I don’t follow or get influenced by a particular figure. But I make sure that I seek inspiration from everything around me. Predominantly, nature and the people I work with inspire me the most. Be it a colleague or a founder from another agency, everyone leaves a positive impression on the way I think.

TheCconnects: What are the biggest challenges you have faced in your life & how did you overcome them?

Yash Joshi: I haven’t faced any major challenges or perhaps I don’t like to call them challenges. Yet leaving a stable job and starting my agency was a landmark decision for me. Being from a middle-class family these decisions matter a lot. When things ahead are uncertain it’s a sign that you are moving towards something big!

TheCconnects: What lessons have you learned from your professional career?

Yash Joshi: The ‘Agency Life’ is a mixed package. All great things and worst things come along. I always faced issues with work-life balance and extensions. In such setups, we tend to work overtime when it gets to meeting deadlines. But when we founded Fark, this was something I didn’t want any of my team members to go through. Here we try our level best to make it less stressful by managing time well.


TheCconnects: What do you see as the biggest challenge for brands in the digital space?

Yash Joshi: ‘Change’ is the challenge every business faces in any era. The shift to something new in terms of strategy, technology and ideas has to be smooth. At Fark, we ensure that we adapt well to every brand and make it relevant to the time we are in.

TheCconnects: How can your product/solution help to resolve the pain points of your customers?

Yash Joshi: Brands are not our customers or even clients, they are our friends. We consult them with plans which suit their business goals even if it means less money for us. This approach strengthens our relationship and builds trust to make a great business.

TheCconnects: What do you do in your free time?

Yash Joshi: My favourite pastime is scrolling through creative ads. Dissecting these ads help me dive into the creator’s mind and ignite my passion for ads. The more I see, the more creative I get.

TheCconnects: Do you have any advice for those who want to become a manager or a founder in this space?

Yash Joshi: One piece of advice I would like to give to all my readers is that – don’t think business, think of people who make business. When you take deliberate efforts to retain your team then your business will go a long way.

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