Key Events of the Mexican Revolution

The Mexican Revolution, which caused significant social, political, and economic turmoil, was a turning point in the history of the nation. The important occurrences that influenced the Mexican Revolution are examined in depth in this article, including their origins, key conflicts, prominent figures, and long-lasting effects. Learn more about this time of change and how it affected contemporary Mexico.

Porfirio Díaz’s Regime1876
Plan de San Luis Potosí1910
Battle of Ciudad Juárez1911
Ten Tragic Days1913
Constitution of 19171917
Zapatista Movement—-
Battle of Celaya1915
Constitutionalist Faction—-
Battle of Zacatecas1914
Assassination of Carranza1920
Battle of Puebla1862
Tampico Affair1914
Plan of Ayala—-
Battle of Torreón1914
Battle of Agua Prieta1915
Battle of Ojinaga1914
Emiliano Zapata—-
Battle of Guadalupe1914
Battle of Tierra Blanca1915
Battle of Columbus1916
Battle of Carrizal1916
Battle of Chihuahua1914
Battle of León1915
Battle of Ciudad Victoria1913
Battle of Caborca1915
Battle of Hermosillo1914
Plan of San Diego1915
Battle of Saltillo1914
Battle of Guadalajara1914
Battle of Querétaro1917
Battle of Santa Rosalía1914
Battle of Santa Isabel1915
Battle of Escamela1915
Pancho Villa—-
Battle of Naco1915
Battle of Guaymas1914
Battle of San Pedro de las Colonias1914
Battle of Culiacán1914
Battle of Xochimilco1914
Battle of Tlaltizapán1914
Battle of Nogales1915
Battle of Veracruz1914
Battle of San Juan de Ulúa1914
Battle of Matamoros1913
Battle of Torreón1913
Battle of Jiménez1913
Battle of Tampico1914
Battle of Topolobampo1914
Battle of Orizaba1915
Battle of Oaxaca1914
Battle of Paredón1914
Battle of Santiago Tuxtla1914
Battle of Villa de Cos1914
Battle of Zumpango1914
Battle of Cerro de la Cruz1914
Battle of Tancol1914
Battle of San Buenaventura1914
Battle of Morelia1914
Battle of Coahuayutla1914
Battle of La Trinidad1914
Battle of Monterrey1913
Battle of Juarez1911
Battle of Chihuahua1913
Battle of Puebla1914
Battle of Mexico City1915
Capture of Ciudad Juarez1914
Capture of Mexico City1914
Capture of Veracruz1914
Capture of Tampico1914
Capture of Chihuahua1914
Capture of Zacatecas1914
Capture of Torreón1914
Capture of Guadalajara1914
Capture of Monterrey1914
Capture of Ojinaga1914
Capture of Puebla1914
Capture of Tlaxcala1914
Capture of Querétaro1914
Capture of Aguascalientes1914
Capture of Morelia1914
Capture of Durango1914
Capture of Tuxtla Gutiérrez1914
Capture of Hermosillo1914
Capture of San Luis Potosí1914
Capture of Campeche1914
Capture of Mérida1914
Capture of Guanajuato1914
Capture of Culiacán1914
Capture of Toluca1914
Capture of Xalapa1914
Capture of Mazatlán1914
Capture of Matamoros1914
Capture of Saltillo1914
Capture of Ciudad Victoria1914
Capture of Ciudad Obregón1914
Capture of Villahermosa1914
Capture of Colima1914
Capture of Tepic1914
Capture of Cuernavaca1914
Capture of Tijuana1914
Capture of Nogales1914
Capture of La Paz1914
Capture of Ensenada1914
Capture of Camargo1914
Capture of Piedras Negras1914
Capture of Córdoba1914
Capture of Matamoros1846

The Mexican Revolution was a complex and revolutionary era that featured a variety of people and events. By examining the pivotal moments and personalities of this revolution, we learn more about the fight for political, social, and economic change. The political and social environment of modern-day Mexico has been formed by the Mexican Revolution and is still impacted by it.

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