Major Events of the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War had a significant influence on the nations involved and helped form the 20th century. This page offers a thorough timeline of the significant occasions that occurred during this upheaval. Explore the important events that shaped the Vietnam War, from its inception through its pivotal battles, diplomatic endeavours, and cultural shifts.

Geneva Accords1954
Gulf of Tonkin Incident1964
Operation Rolling Thunder1965
Battle of Ia Drang1965
Tet Offensive1968
My Lai Massacre1968
Paris Peace Accords1973
Fall of Saigon1975
Operation Ranch Hand1962
Battle of Dien Bien Phu1954
Ho Chi Minh Trail1959
Battle of Hamburger Hill1969
Operation Linebacker1972
Agent Orange—-
Prisoners of War—-
Draft Resistance Movement—-
Anti-War Protests—-
War Powers Act1973
Operation Frequent Wind1975
War Remnants Museum—-
Operation Menu1969
Paris Peace Talks—-
Easter Offensive1972
Operation Cedar Falls1967
Battle of Khe Sanh1968
Ho Chi Minh—-
Ngo Dinh Diem—-
Operation Junction City1967
Operation Phoenix—-
Battle of Hue1968
Operation Lam Son 7191971
Operation Barrel Roll1964
Battle of Dak To1967
Operation Starlite1965
Kent State Shootings1970
Hanoi Hilton—-
Rolling Thunder—-
Siege of Khe Sanh1968
Operation Dewey Canyon1969
Battle of Hanoi1972
Battle of Saigon1968
Operation Flaming Dart1965
Operation Niagara1968
Fall of Long Binh1972
Hue Massacre1968
Battle of Xuan Loc1975
Christmas Bombings1972
Battle of An Loc1972
Battle of Long Tan1966
Operation Pegasus1968
Operation Crimp1966
Battle of Binh Gia1965
Battle of Cai Lay1968
Operation Masher/White Wing1966
Battle of Coral–Balmoral1968
Battle of Ap Bac1963
Operation Crazy Horse1966
Battle of Suoi Bong Trang1967
Battle of Binh Ba1969
Battle of Ap Gu1967
Operation Prairie—-
Battle of Dong Xoai1965
Battle of Prek Klok1970
Battle of Dong Ha1968
Operation Wahiawa1969
Operation Attleboro1966
Battle of Kham Duc1968

As a result of its complexity and transformational nature, the Vietnam War left a lasting legacy of important historical moments. We may better appreciate the causes, course, and long-term effects of the conflict by comprehending its key turning points. A greater knowledge of this time period and its ongoing influence on politics and society throughout the world may be gained by looking into the major moments of the Vietnam War.

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