List of Electronics Companies in the USA

The electronics industry in the United States is a massive sector that includes companies that design, manufacture, and distribute a wide range of electronic products. From smartphones to laptops, smart home appliances to industrial automation systems, these companies play a crucial role in shaping the world we live in.

Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the leading electronics companies in the USA:

1. Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is one of the most valuable technology companies in the world, known for its iconic products like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Based in Cupertino, California, Apple designs and manufactures a range of consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

2. Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation is a multinational semiconductor chip maker based in Santa Clara, California. It is best known for its microprocessors, but also designs and manufactures other hardware and software products for the computing and communications industries.

3. IBM Corporation

IBM Corporation is a multinational technology company that manufactures and sells computer hardware, middleware, and software. Headquartered in Armonk, New York, IBM has a diverse portfolio of products and services ranging from mainframe computers to AI and cloud computing solutions.

4. Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational technology company that develops, licenses, and sells computer software, consumer electronics, and personal computers. Based in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft is best known for its Windows operating system and the Xbox gaming console.

5. Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics is a South Korean multinational conglomerate that manufactures a wide range of consumer electronics, home appliances, and mobile devices. Its products include smartphones, TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines, among others.

6. Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate that specializes in electronics, gaming, entertainment, and financial services. Its electronics division designs and manufactures a range of consumer and professional electronics products, including TVs, cameras, and audio equipment.

7. Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies is a multinational computer technology company that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services. Based in Round Rock, Texas, Dell is best known for its desktop and laptop computers, servers, and storage devices.

8. Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a multinational enterprise information technology company that develops and provides a range of hardware, software, and services to businesses. Its products include servers, storage devices, networking equipment, and software solutions.

9. Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems is a multinational technology company that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment, software, and services. Based in San Jose, California, Cisco’s products and services are used by companies, governments, and individuals to connect and collaborate globally.

10. Qualcomm Technologies

Qualcomm Technologies is a multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company that develops and licenses wireless technology and services. Based in San Diego, California, Qualcomm’s products and services are used in smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

These are just a few of the leading electronics companies in the USA. The electronics industry is constantly evolving, and new companies are emerging every day. Whether you’re looking for a job in the electronics industry or simply interested in staying up-to-date on the latest trends, keeping an eye on these companies is a great place to start.

List of Electronics Companies in the USA

S. No.NameFoundersFounded Year
1Apple Inc.Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ron Wayne1976
2Intel CorporationRobert Noyce and Gordon Moore1968
3IBM CorporationCharles Ranlett Flint1911
4Microsoft CorporationBill Gates and Paul Allen1975
5Samsung ElectronicsLee Byung-chul1969
6Sony CorporationMasaru Ibuka and Akio Morita1946
7Dell TechnologiesMichael Dell1984
8Hewlett Packard EnterpriseBill Hewlett and Dave Packard1939
9Cisco SystemsLeonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner1984
10Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.Irwin M. Jacobs and Andrew Viterbi1985
11Texas InstrumentsCecil H. Green, J. Erik Jonsson, and Eugene McDermott1930
12Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)Jerry Sanders III1969
13Nvidia CorporationJen-Hsun Huang1993
14Applied Materials, Inc.Michael A. McNeilly1967
15Xilinx, Inc.Ross Freeman1984
16TI (formerly known as Texas Instruments)Patrick E. Haggerty1930
17Analog DevicesRay Stata1965
18Maxim Integrated ProductsJack Gifford1983
19Micron Technology, Inc.Ward Parkinson, Joe Parkinson, and Dennis Wilson1978
20ON SemiconductorKeith Jackson1999
21Lattice Semiconductor CorporationRay Capece, Rahul Mathur, and C. Norman Winningstad1983
22Marvell Technology Group Ltd.Sehat Sutardja, Weili Dai, and Pantas Sutardja1995
23NVIDIA CorporationJensen Huang1993
24Silicon Laboratories, Inc.Nav Sooch1996
25Teradyne, Inc.Alex d’Arbeloff1960
26Synopsys, Inc.Dr. Aart J. de Geus1986
27Western Digital CorporationAlvin B. Phillips1970
28Xerox CorporationChester Carlson1906
29Cree, Inc.Neal Hunter and John Edmond1987
30Cirrus Logic, Inc.Dr. Suhas Patil1984
31Cypress Semiconductor CorporationT. J. Rodgers1982
32Dolby Laboratories, Inc.Ray Dolby1965
33Fairchild Semiconductor CorporationRobert Noyce and Gordon Moore1957
34IDT (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.)Len Perham and Jim Norling1980
35Intersil CorporationJohn F. Connelly, John E. Linvill, and Jean Hoerni1967
36Linear Technology CorporationRobert C. Dobkin and Robert H. Swanson1981
37Microchip Technology IncorporatedSteve Sanghi1987
38Monolithic Power Systems, Inc.Michael R. Hsing1997
39National Instruments CorporationDr. James Truchard1976
40NXP SemiconductorsPhilips1953
41OmniVision Technologies, Inc.Shaw Hong1995
42PMC-Sierra, Inc.Greg A. Lang1984
43Qualcomm IncorporatedIrwin M. Jacobs1985
44Qorvo, Inc.Ralph Quinsey and Rodney Smith2015
45Skyworks Solutions, Inc.David J. Aldrich2002
46Synaptics, Inc.Federico Faggin1986
47Tektronix, Inc.C. Howard Vollum and Melvin J. Murdock1946
48Texas Instruments IncorporatedCecil H. Green, J. Erik Jonsson, and Eugene McDermott1930
49United Technologies CorporationFred Rentschler1934
50Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.Dr. Felix Zandman1962
51Zebra Technologies CorporationEdward L. Kaplan and Gerhard Cless1969
52Amkor Technology, Inc.James Kim1968
53Avnet, Inc.Charles Avnet1921
54Bourns, Inc.Marlan and Rosemary Bourns1947
55Celestica Inc.Eugene Polistuk1994
56CTS CorporationA.J. and M.E. Briggs1896
57Dover CorporationGeorge Ohrstrom II1955
58Eastman Kodak CompanyGeorge Eastman1888
59Everspin Technologies, Inc.Saied Tehrani2008
60Future Electronics CorporationRobert Miller1968
61IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.David E. Shaw1983
62Jabil Inc.William E. Morean1966
63KLA CorporationKen Levy and Bob Anderson1975
64Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc.Fred Kulicke1951
65Lam Research CorporationDavid K. Lam1980
66Littelfuse, Inc.Edward V. Sundt1927
67M/A-COM Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc.John MacFarlane1950
68Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.Jack Gifford1983
69Mercury Systems, Inc.Mark Aslett1981
70Microsemi CorporationJames Peterson1960
71On Semiconductor CorporationKeith Jackson1999
72Silicon Laboratories Inc.Nav Sooch1996
73Skyline CorporationJulius J. Montigney and Robert C. Lewis1951
74Sonos Inc.John MacFarlane, Tom Cullen2002
75STMicroelectronics N.V.Carlo and Alberto Ferrari1987
76Teradyne, Inc.Alex d’Arbeloff1960
77Tower Semiconductor Ltd.Ze’ev Drori and Jack Tropper1993
78Veeco Instruments Inc.Edward Hammes1989
79Viavi Solutions Inc.Unknown1923
81Analog Devices, Inc.Ray Stata and Matthew Lorber1965
82Applied Optoelectronics, Inc.Fred Chang1997
83Atmel CorporationGeorge Perlegos1984
84Avaya Inc.Lucent Technologies and AT&T2000
85Broadcom Inc.Henry Samueli and Henry Nicholas1991
86Ciena CorporationDavid Huber and Kevin Kimberlin1992
87Cirrus Logic Inc.Suhas Patil and Michael Hackworth1984
88Cree, Inc.Neal Hunter and Eric Hunter1987
89Cypress Semiconductor CorporationT. J. Rodgers1982
90Echelon CorporationMark O’Hara and Ken Oshman1988
91Elo Touch Solutions, Inc.Steve Isaac and Mary McDowell1971
92Exar CorporationPerry Constantine and Edward Lamson1971
93FormFactor Inc.Igor Khandros and Michael Allen1993
94Freescale Semiconductor Inc.Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore1955
95GSI TechnologyLee-Lean Shu and Raymond Chiu1995
96Hittite Microwave CorporationStephen Daly and Adriana Daly1985
97Infinera CorporationDrew Perkins and Jagdeep Singh2000
98Integrated Device Technology, Inc.Ken and Jerry Cayton1980
99Intersil CorporationJean Hoerni and Robert Noyce1967
100Juniper Networks Inc.Pradeep Sindhu1996
101Knowles CorporationHugh Knowles1946
102Kofax LimitedMark Allen and Steven Woodard1985
103Kyocera International Inc.Kazuo Inamori1959
104Lattice Semiconductor CorporationRahul Sud and C. Norman Winningstad1983
105Linear Technology CorporationRobert Swanson and Robert Dobkin1981
106Marvell Technology Group Ltd.Sehat Sutardja, Weili Dai, and Pantas Sutardja1995
107Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.Jack Gifford1983
108Mellanox Technologies, Ltd.Eyal Waldman and
109Micrel, Inc.Raymond Zinn1978
110Microchip Technology Inc.Steve Sanghi1987
111Micron Technology, Inc.Ward Parkinson1978
112Mindspeed Technologies, Inc.Raouf Halim2003
113MoSys, Inc.Mark-Eric Jones and Fu-Chieh Hsu2001
114National Instruments CorporationJames Truchard, Jeff Kodosky, and Bill Nowlin1976
115NetLogic Microsystems, Inc.Ron Jankov and Tom Riordan1995
116Netgear, Inc.Patrick Lo1996
117Netlist, Inc.Chun Hong and Jayesh Bhakta2000
118NVIDIA CorporationJensen Huang, Chris Malachowsky, and Curtis Priem1993
119NXP SemiconductorsPhilips1953
120Oclaro, Inc.KC Wang1988
121PMC-Sierra, Inc.Greg Aimi and Peter McWilliams1984
122QLogic CorporationH. K. Desai1994
123QuickLogic CorporationTom Hart and John Birkner1988
124RF Micro Devices, Inc.Jerry Neal and Bob Van Buskirk1991
125Silicon Graphics International CorpJames Clark1982
126Silicon Laboratories Inc.Navdeep Sooch and Dave Welland1996
127Skyworks Solutions, Inc.David Aldrich2002
128Spansion Inc.Fujitsu and AMD2003
129STMicroelectronicsCarlo Gavazzi1957
130Sun MicrosystemsVinod Khosla, Andy Bechtolsheim, and Scott McNealy1982
131Super Micro Computer, Inc.Charles Liang1993
132Synaptics, Inc.Federico Faggin and Carver Mead1986
133Teledyne Technologies IncorporatedHenry Singleton and George Kozmetsky1960
134Teradyne, Inc.Alex d’Arbeloff and Nick DeWolf1960
135Tessera Technologies, Inc.Robert Miller1990
136Texas Instruments IncorporatedCecil Green, J. Erik
137TriQuint SemiconductorSimon Sze1985
138Tyco ElectronicsArthur J. Rosenberg1941
139Unity Semiconductor CorporationUzi Sasson and David Eggleston2002
140Varian Associates, Inc.Russell Varian1948
141Verigy Ltd.Semiconductor Test Solutions Group, HP2006
142Vitesse Semiconductor CorporationLouis Tomasetta and Chris Gardner1984
143Xilinx, Inc.Ross Freeman and Bernard Vonderschmitt1984
144Zarlink SemiconductorDariusz Klopotek1973
145Zoran CorporationLevy Gerzberg1983
146Zyvex CorporationJames Von Ehr1997
147Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)Jerry Sanders1969
148Analogic CorporationBernard Gordon1967
149Applied Materials, Inc.Michael A. McNeilly1967
150Arista Networks, Inc.Andy Bechtolsheim, David Cheriton, and Kenneth Duda2004
151ASML Holding N.V.Philips and ASM International1984
152Atmel CorporationGeorge Perlegos1984
153Broadcom CorporationHenry Nicholas and Henry Samueli1991
154Cadence Design Systems, Inc.James Solomon1988
155Cirrus Logic, Inc.Suhas Patil1981
156Cypress Semiconductor CorporationT. J. Rodgers1982
157Fairchild SemiconductorRobert Noyce and Gordon Moore1957
158Flextronics International Ltd.Joe McKenzie and Michael Marks1969
159Freescale SemiconductorMotorola2004
160GlobalFoundriesAdvanced Technology Investment Company and AMD2009
161Intel CorporationRobert Noyce and Gordon Moore1968
162Intersil CorporationJean Hoerni1967
163Lattice Semiconductor CorporationRahul Sood1983
164Linear Technology CorporationRobert Dobkin and Robert Swanson1981
165Marvell Technology GroupSehat Sutardja and Weili Dai1995
166Maxim Integrated ProductsJack Gifford1983
167Aerojet Rocketdyne HoldingsWilliam O’Neil, George H. Lehr, and Kermit E. Beahan1915
168RambusMark Horowitz, Mike Farmwald1990
169Maxim IntegratedJack Gifford1983
170Silicon ImageDavid Lee, Ray Bingham, and Mark A. Christensen1995
171Marvell Technology GroupSehat Sutardja, Weili Dai, and Pantas Sutardja1995
172InphiLoi Nguyen, Gopal Raghavan, and Young K. Sohn2001
173Silicon LaboratoriesNavdeep Sooch, Dave Welland1996
174IntersilJean Hoerni, Sheldon Roberts1967
175Cypress SemiconductorT.J. Rodgers1982
176Atmel CorporationGeorge Perlegos1984
177Skyworks SolutionsDavid J. Aldrich2002
178TeradyneAlex d’Arbeloff1960
179AnalogicBernard M. Gordon1967
180Keysight TechnologiesBill Hewlett, Dave Packard2014
181MicrelRaymond Cheng1998
182IDT CorporationGreg Lang1980
183Lattice SemiconductorRahul Sud1983
184Fairchild SemiconductorRobert Noyce, Gordon Moore1957
185National SemiconductorCharlie Sporck1959
186AlteraMax Baron1983
187XilinxRoss Freeman1984
188Cirrus LogicDr. Suhas Patil1984
189Conexant SystemsDwight Decker1999
190SynapticsFederico Faggin, Carver Mead, and others1986
191Microsemi CorporationJim Peterson1959
192Infineon TechnologiesWolfgang Ziebart1999
193Zoran CorporationLevy Gerzberg1983
194IntervideoBill Pai1998
195Silicon MotionWallace Kou1995
196Spreadtrum CommunicationsPing Wu2001
197Broadcom LimitedHenry Samueli, Henry Nicholas1991
199Monolithic Power SystemsMichael Hsing1997
200RF Micro DevicesJerry Neal, Bob Van Buskirk1991
201Seagate TechnologyFinis Conner1979
202Silicon Motion TechnologyWallace Kou1995
203STMicroelectronicsPasquale Pistorio1987
204SunPowerRichard Swanson1985
205SynapticsFederico Faggin1986
206Texas InstrumentsCecil H. Green, J. Erik Jonsson1930
207TriQuint SemiconductorJohn T. (Jack) Ball1985
208Tyco InternationalArthur J. Rosenburg1960
209Vishay IntertechnologyFelix Zandman1962
210Western DigitalAlvin B. Phillips1970
211XilinxRoss Freeman1984
212Zebra TechnologiesGerhard Cless1969
213Zoran CorporationLevy Gerzberg1983
214Juniper NetworksPradeep Sindhu1996
215Power IntegrationsHoward Earhart1988
216Broadcom LimitedHenry Samueli, Henry Nicholas1991
217Analog DevicesRay Stata1965
218Dell TechnologiesMichael Dell1984
219Micron TechnologyWard Parkinson, Joe Parkinson1978
220HarmonicRocky Rao, Yves Faroudja1988
221AdvantestTsutomu Kanai1954
222BeldenJoseph Belden1902
223SMC NetworksRobert L. Kelley1971
224Harris CorporationAlfred J. Gross1895
225Applied MaterialsMichael A. McNeilly1967
226BlackBerry LimitedMike Lazaridis1984
227Digi InternationalJoel Smith1985
228ON SemiconductorJerry Sanders III, David Roberton1999
229Phoenix ContactHugo Knümann1923
230Xerox CorporationJoseph C. Wilson1906
231Lexmark InternationalGary Keith Starkweather1991
232National InstrumentsJames Truchard, Jeff Kodosky1976
233NetAppDavid Hitz, James Lau, Michael Malcolm1992
234Quantum CorporationJoel Harrison, James M. McCoy1980
235Quantum3DRoss Q. Smith1997
236RambusMark Horowitz, Mike Farmwald1990
237Redback NetworksAsher Waldfogel, Shiva Kumar1996
238SanDisk CorporationEli Harari, Sanjay Mehrotra1988
239Seagate Government Solutions2002
240Solectron CorporationWinston Chen, Nick DeWolf1977
241Solarflare CommunicationsRussell Stern, Ron Victor2001
242SonosJohn MacFarlane, Craig Shelburne2002
243Super Micro ComputerCharles Liang1993
244Tandem ComputersJames Treybig1974
245TESSCO TechnologiesRobert Barnhill Jr.1982
246Thales Defense & Security2005
247VerifoneWilliam Melton1981
248VMX IncorporatedJim Balz, Bob Willett1983
249Vobile GroupYangbin Wang2005
250WD-40 CompanyNorm Larsen1953
251Whirlpool CorporationLouis Upton, Emory Upton1911
252XircomDirk Gates, Kirk Mathews1988
253Zhone TechnologiesMory Ejabat1999
254Aruba NetworksKeerti Melkote, Pankaj Manglik2002
255Magic LeapRony Abovitz2011
256SpaceXElon Musk2002
257FitbitJames Park, Eric Friedman2007
258Aerojet RocketdyneWilliam O’Neil, Theodore von Kármán1942
259Northrop GrummanJohn Northrop1994
260Rockwell CollinsArthur Collins, Ralph Rockwell1933
261Raytheon TechnologiesLaurence K. Marshall, Vannevar Bush1922
262Lockheed MartinGlenn L. Martin, Allan and Malcolm Lockheed1995
263Harris CorporationAlfred S. Hartness, Charles “Doc” Draper1895
264Booz Allen HamiltonEdwin G. Booz1914
265ST EngineeringMinistry of Defence (Singapore)1967
266First SolarHarold McMaster1999
267SunPower CorporationRichard Swanson, Richard Crane, Robert Lorenzini1985
268FirstEnergySamuel Insull1997
269Entergy CorporationHarvey Couch1913
270Calpine CorporationPeter Cartwright1984
271NextEra EnergyFPL Group, Inc.1984
272Exelon CorporationCommonwealth Edison2000
273Chesapeake Energy CorporationAubrey McClendon, Tom L. Ward1989
274Consol EnergyJ. Brett Harvey1860
275National Oilwell VarcoNational Supply Company1862
276Weatherford InternationalJesse E. Halliburton1941
277Baker HughesHoward Hughes, Clarence L. “Kelly” Johnson1987
278Valero Energy CorporationBill Greehey1980
279Marathon Petroleum CorporationHarry Sinclair1887
280Phillips 66Conoco Inc., Phillips Petroleum Company2012
281EOG ResourcesEnron Oil and Gas1999
282Anadarko Petroleum CorporationJim Hackett1959
283Apache CorporationTruman Anderson1954
284Pioneer Natural ResourcesScott D. Sheffield1997
285Concho Resources Inc.Timothy A. Leach2004
286Whiting Petroleum CorporationKenneth R. Whiting1980
287HEBI RoboticsJohnie Michael, Howie Choset, and Andrew Barry2014
288Fathom ComputingEva Wang, Michael Dwight, and Andrew Fursman2017
289Carbon3DJoseph DeSimone, Alexander Ermoshkin, and Edward Samulski2013
290CanaryAdam Sager and Chris Rill2013
291SunCulture SolarSamir Ibrahim2012
292NavdyDoug Simpson and Karl Guttag2014
293Blue River TechnologyJorge Heraud and Lee Redden2011
294NeuroSkyStanley Yang2004
295New MatterSteve Schell, Bill Gross, and David Levitt2014
296ParticleZach Supalla2012
297SpheroIan Bernstein and Adam Wilson2010
298BetterViewDave Tobias and David Lyman2014
299RoostRoel Peeters and James Blackwell2014
300MakerBotBre Pettis, Adam Mayer, and Zach Smith2009
301Owl LabsMax Makeev and Mark Schnittman2014
302Ather EnergyTarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain2013
303SyntiantKurt Busch and Paul E. Smith2017
304Meta CompanyMeron Gribetz2012
305Piaggio Fast ForwardJeffrey Schnapp2015
306Vicarious SurgicalAdam Sachs and Sammy Khalifa2014
307OusterAngus Pacala and Mark Frichtl2015
308TonalAly Orady2015
309Articulate LabsCharles Wang and Diego Rey2012
310Eleven EngineeringRyan Chapin2010
311Misfit WearablesSonny Vu, John Sculley, and Sridhar Iyengar2011
312GroqJonathan Ross and Douglas W. Burger2016
313Wonder WorkshopVikas Gupta and Saurabh Gupta2012
314Velodyne LiDARDavid Hall1983
315The Brava OvenJohn Pleasants and Thomas Cheng2015


In conclusion, the electronics industry in the USA is a vast sector that encompasses a diverse range of companies that design, manufacture, and distribute various electronic products. From smartphones and laptops to smart home appliances and industrial automation systems, these companies play a critical role in shaping the world we live in today. This list of leading electronics companies in the USA provides a glimpse of the industry’s key players and their contributions to the field. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, we can expect to see more innovative products and services from these and other electronics companies in the future.

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